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My introduction to Yoga started in 2008; with 14 years background in Ballet, I discovered Yoga as a technique to help support injury rehabilitation and emotional development. 

I'm 500hr YTT trained, initially focusing on Hatha, yet developing teaching of energetically dance inspired Vinyasa and deeply rooting and nourishing restorative classes too.​

I teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Core Flow, Restorative, Yin and Nidra and weave in the philosophy of the Yamas and Niyamas for all Asana classes giving context to the relevance of the postures. There's also a deep focus on the anatomical differences unique to each student’s experience and encouragement for finding healthy alignment. I try to pique students curiosity with their Yoga journey and allow for physical and emotional growth whilst honouring the bodily nuance in a joyful, soulful learning space.

My experience working in studios, festivals, gyms and offices means I plan the classes for humans from all walks of life. I prepare the classes to be inclusive for all bodies, as teach people newly discovering Yoga or those having a life long practice. My teaching celebrates different learning styles, linguistic backgrounds, physical diversities and cultures - all in a true celebration of the melting pot of humans I get the joy of meeting! 

Zoom : Monday 7-8pm 

One To Ones : Studio rental, your home, your place of work, online - wherever! A dedicated/focused class tailored to your needs and learnings.

Events: Available to support festivals, wedding celebrations, retreats and any other curiosities you're up to!

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